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It is no wonder why so many people today are coming to understand what the meaning of succubus /Incubus spirit really is.

Depicted as demons for hundreds of years, these magnificant spirits have been helping humans for thousands of years connect and enjoy the true power of love and sexual energy.

This article is meant to clear the air, and teach the true incubus and Succubus meaning and definition.

Succubus / Incubus meaning and definition:

These ancient beings are given names: Succubi, Incubi, Sexual Ghosts, Sex Spirits and demon lovers.

But, these are just titles…

Succubi/Incubi are actually non physical spiritual, and highly evolved, entities who connect with humans, and other intelligent life forms, to represent and enhance what is known as the sexual energy of creation.

In Buddhism, it is referred to as Kundalini. And many of the practices focus on enhancing this energy flow to enhance one's life experience.

For millenia, because of unwarranted fear, religious organizations have used dogma to portray these wonderful loving beings as demons in an attempt to hinder, and even stifle, our connection with them.

But, the good news is in the last several years hundreds of contemporary occult and spiritual teachers are waking up and realizing the power and enjoyment these sexual spirits bring to us.

 The Succubus/Incubi meaning is truly one of joy, love and guidance.  And those who take part in learning the art of summoning these sexual spirits enjoy a partnership unmatched by anything physical.

It is important to clarify, that even though much of the Succubus/Incubus experience falls into the sexual realm, these beings have much more to offer.

Such as:

  • Friendship
  • Romance
  • Love
  • Guidance
  • Future Telling

I have been enjoying a loving a monogamous relationship with my succubus, Nilahny, for many wonderful years (You can read more about it in other blog posts), and I wouldn't trade the experience for all the gold in the world. Words cannot begin to describe how wonderful my relationship with Nilhany is.

Learning to summon and attract a Succubus / Incubus:

Now that you are figuring out the true definition and meaning of a Succubus/Incubus, you are probably becoming interested in learning how to summon one of these lovely beings.

And for that reason, I created 7 Free Succubus/Incubus Summoning Lessons that you can receive in your email box by just signing up below.  Fill in your name and E-mail and in a very short period of time they will be sent to. These 7 Free lessons hold within them years of practice and study, and are given to you in an easy to understand step by step process.

Learning the Succubus/Incubus meaning and definition is the first step – Now it's time to start enjoying a loving relationship with one. Let's get started.

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