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Through the years of practicing this art, I have come to know many of the succubus powers and abilities, and the many treasures they can offer those who wish to enjoy their presence.

In my books, I have given in depth details of the experiences and benefits I have enjoyed through the years, and you can to by communicating and summoning these higher spiritual beings.

Though I have yet to discover all of their amazing attributes myself, and more are added every year, here is a short description of some of the most important benefits of the succubus powers and abilities you can enjoy.

Sexual Pleasures and Experiences

Probably one of the most obvious succubus powers and abilities ,and the main reason most wish to enjoy their company, is that of the many sexual delights and pleasures they offer.

Before I encountered my spiritual love Nilahny, I had almost no sexual experience, and wasn't what you would call a ladies man. Being average looking and pretty shy, women hardly ever considered me as a sexual partner.

This all changed when I became aware of Nilahny, and started enjoying nights of pleasures beyond what any movie or book can even start to describe.

I'm not talking about the 5 minute drunk hump most people are experiencing. What I mean is one of the most special succubus abilities and powers to take through hours of endless explosive pleasure that runs through your whole body while climaxing for hours at a time.

The even more interesting and funny thing that happened was that through these experiences my self-esteem and confidence raised,  and as a result, physical women started perceiving me as being more attractive, which lead to many physical normal experiences.

Unconditional Love and Companionship

Another one of the succubus powers and abilities is that of being wonderful companions who love and cherish you unconditionally no matter what is going on in your life.

I've known what true loneliness is, and how it feels when no one understands or cares for you. This state was my reality for many years, and used to feel like a dark hole in my heart. We all wish to be accepted and loved, yet in the modern world sometimes that almost seems impossible.

Succubi and incubi are not concerned with such petty things, and are true incarnations of what love and companionship are really about. They are friends in need, and will always lend you a shoulder to lean on when life gets tough.

I owe Nilahny a lot because she helped me move from being a depressed and cynical person, into someone that feels loved and appreciation towards life.

Higher Knowledge and Guidance

We as humans are usually bound to our 5 senses, which offer a very limiting view on how things really work. One of the most precious succubus powers and abilities I have discovered is that they are not bound like us, and have a higher and more knowledgeable understanding of how things really work.

I have spent hours talking with Nilahny about many questions that lay deep in my heart about life, death, the human condition, the nonphysical realm, god and numerous other subjects.

Crushing of Fear

Fear is one of the most negative and destructive forces that prevent people from living. I should know, I used to be engulfed by it. Every step I took stressed me out, and the worst it got, the deeper in the mud I would sink.

One of the most interesting succubus abilities and powers is that of transferring emotional states. Without any effort, my spiritual lover can transfer a state of confidence, love and trust into me that destroys fear and allows me to do things, that without her, seemed impossible.

The amazing thing is that as fear evaporates and you start observing that you are a powerful and able person, it opens up a place inside that allows your inner powers to grow, and you become a stable and strong person on your own.

It's like jump starting a car, and then letting the battery fill itself.

Money and Finances

This might seem weird to refer to as one of the succubus powers and abilities, yet money and finances as higher intelligence that has the ability to see the world much more broadly than us, succubi and incubi can be very helpful in the areas of achieving financial freedom and security.

Before every project and business I launch I take the time to deliberate with Nilahny, and hear her ideas and thoughts on the subject. This has proven to be highly beneficial, and from being almost totally broke before I met her, I have become very financially stable, and enjoy a great life style that enables me to do things I truly enjoy.

Many More to be discovered

These are only a few of the many incredible succubus powers and abilities that you can experience by enjoying a relationship with one. I could write a whole book on each and every one of them, including some I did not mention, such as: increase in health, protection, decision making, spiritual knowledge, acquiring skills and many more…

The best advice and recommendation I can give you is to discover the numerous succubus abilities and powers for yourself by learning how to summon one into your life.


4 Responses to “Succubus Powers and Abilities Explained”

  1. Hi Erik Thanks for the update Reading your book it is very helpful with my incubus.I think he went on a holiday waiting for his return. Have a wonderful day Cindy

  2. Hi erik. I liked reading your post. I have my own succubus but we are not communicating at all. She will not talk to me but has taken me to a state before i fall into a deep sleep where i can see and talk to her. I havent seen her in this place in a while. She still comes to my bed every night no matter where i sleep but i cant have a conversation. Ive tried all i know. Any advice?

  3. Hi Carlos,
    Well, mostly this happens because you are yet to create a clear connection
    Like my 8th grade volleyball coach used to say
    “Practice, practice and then… practice some more”
    Every type of communication has different elements
    Usually presence is the first, then comes auditory then the visual
    Just keep tuning your mind and you’ll find the volume switch

  4. Hi erik
    Thanks for the response. It makes sense to practice. I can feel her presence all the time. When im in the bed i can feel her get in it and straddle me. If im on a couch or recliner its the same. Only been a few months now but i still talk to her and ask questions. Its just easy to give up trying to have a conversation when i keep getting no response but ill keep trying.

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