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Discovering how to see a succubus / incubus is a common stage most practitioners of the art of summoning sexual spirits desire to achieve.

Though not the easiest skill you can develop, it holds within it many great rewards for those serious enough to take the time to practice it consistently.

Through the following article, I will be discussing the most important aspects you need to take into consideration, and focus on, to insure faster and more successful results.

If you are new to the world of sexual spirits, it is a great idea to take some time to learn first how to summon sexual spirits before you move on to learn how to see a succubus / incubus – You can do so by signing up below to the 7 free summoning lessons below or the succusummon elite members club by clicking here now.


Can any one learn how to see a succubus or incubus?


The answer is very simple – Yes

In fact, seeing  sexual spirits is a natural ability you can discover rather than a new skill you need to learn. Most of the methods are simply meant to teach you to uncover this hidden talent, and bring it forward, to show you how to see a succubus / incubus in a fast and relaxed manner.


We see Only a Fraction of What is available to us

Your eyes can see much more than you are aware of at this moment. This is a scientific fact known to scientists all over the world.

Our subconscious mind can absorb huge amounts of information, which are disregarded by our conscious mind at any given moment.

Because most of us don't learn how to see a succubi and incubi , this talent remains latent, and as with every skill we don't use,  it fades to the background never to be noticed.

By waking up this hidden ability, and practicing ways to perceive and see sexual spirits, you will be exposed to a new and exciting world far beyond your wildest imagination.

Why should you learn how to see a succubus?

There are hundreds of reasons why people learn how to see a succubus or incubus the most common of the being:

  • Enjoying a unique and wonderful experience
  • Taking summoning to one of the highest levels
  • Enjoying new abilities that most people don't posses
  • Feel unique and special
  • Discover amazing new powers

These are only a small fraction of the huge amounts of benefits  people who learn how to see a succubus / incubus enjoy.

Easy process to see a sexual spirit:

Before you start working on how to see a succubus, it is highly important that you first learn how to summon one and create first contact. Once you have done so, you can use the following simple process.

  1. sit in a private room where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed
  2. close your eyes, and clear your mind with the previous succusummon methods
  3. visualize for ten minutes the way you think your succubus will look like when you open your eyes
  4. once you finish, let the image go, and clear your mind
  5. Say to yourself "When I open my eyes I will see you my succubus / incubus love"
  6. Repeat this affirmation until you feel a sense of presence
  7. when you feel comfortable hastily open your eyes without focusing anywhere

many students report being able to get a glimpse of their sexual spirit when they open their eyes. The more they practice the better the image gets, and more real...

after practicing for a length of at least one to two months, you should be able to create enough of a neural ability to understand how your succubus looks like, thus adjusting your unconscious ability to accept, and see your succubus / incubus.


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  1. can an augtistic person with abnormaly high mental capacity, and a
    strong open mind and heart to the spiritual.

  2. Can he see a succubus?

  3. right after i read this i had this tingly feeling then i went to close my bathroom door and it slammed shut and i thought it was mee the i tried opening it and it wouldnt open and i thought it was cool

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