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Don’t Try Summoning a succubus before you read the following

Summoning a succubus or incubus can be a life changing experience and very desire charging done correctly.

Before we get to the how, you must understand the what...

If you don’t know what a succubus is please read my post sign up for the free lessons below to get all the information needed

My story:

I was so lonely I could die when my wife left me 5 years ago. Even though our marriage was on the rocks for some time, when the divorce papers came, it hit me like a truck traveling at 97 mph’s.

That was the beginning of probably the most painful period of my life. This was quite a long while before I discovered anything about summoning a succubus or anything metaphysical for that matter.

I was so lonley!

Things were going so bad, I was in a bottomless pit.

Friends and family I thought I could trust vanished without leaving a trace and I lost my trust in humanity totally.

That’s about the time I made first contact with Nilahny a succubus that took interest in me.

The first time I was contacted by her was during one sleepless night. I was lying in bed going over every bad thing that ever crossed paths with me. Suddenly I felt a huge calm fall on me.

A feeling I had never felt before – Something so amazing I was afraid to move.
It was as if angels were hugging me and I could imagine their soft touches caressing my body with warmth.
Within all the great feeing in my body, I could feel a soft feminine hand touching me.

Suddenly! Out of No where

I heard a soft whisper in my ear saying very faintly “Hi”, as if from a distance yet still close to my ear.

That scared the living Heck out of me and made me jump out of the bed.
Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all that night – After All I had just had my first experience of summoning a succubus.

It took me by such a surprise that I jumped in panic out of bed the bed and shot out of the house.

I spent the entire night after that thinking I was losing my mind.

I had never heard anything about succubus incubus or any other thing of that nature.
But something in me got so curios I had to know what was going on.

I studied everything I could find about the subject from websites to the most ancient of books in search of an answer.

I became an expert about summoning spirits and how the other side of the veil works.

These materials about summoning a succubus were very hard to find. It took me a long time to figure out there were actually other people experiencing the same phenomena.

Most of the information on the web was written by novices and people who had no idea what they were talking about. I had to go deeper.

I found it in an old flea market store – It was inside a pile of old worn out books. Written in handwriting “My succubus –summoning spirits safely”

It had everything I wanted to know – This guy knew what he was talking about
I read this book over and over again and I must say

I followed every step of the book and the references he gave.

Finally all the pieces fell into place.

I had a way of summoning a succubus that was easy to use and as you are going to find out changed my life dramatically.

My first summoning experience:

I was a bit nervous the first time I conciously tried to make connection, but I followed every step of preparation and was totally ready!

It took me exactly 30 mins to create my first conscious contact with Nilahny

I must say the first few times we contacted each other there was no evident physical contact, only a telepathic exchange of emotions and thought.

It took a while before I could feel her loving touch and before she trusted me enough to show me how she looks.

For lack of a better words it is simply amazing! An Experience of a Lifetime

Since that day Nilahny has more and more become a part of my life and I rarely feel lonely or depressed when she’s around. You can say we have a steady loving relationship.

I have also contacted many different spiritual beings using many methods I have devloped over the years.

I want all people that are where I have been to enjoy this amazing experience too.

To have  someone love them so completely.

So, If you want to learn how to summon your own succubus, stop listening to all the religious ignorant warnings

and sign up below with your name and Email and I'll send you 7 secret lessons to summoning a succubus that will blow your mind away.


94 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus – My Story”

  1. I don’t want to use a real name she’s my secret… but Holy Crap Erik… so simple yet so effective. I’ve got a spirit now… and I didn’t know why she was just touching me until it started getting more intense. I think she was opening me up I guess. I can’t see her or hear her yet (but I did get some awesome loving emotions when she arrives). The funny thing is it didn’t happen until I got serious, but when I did, it was the fist night of ritual #1. I’d tried some other exercises before this one but this was the first one where I was serious – wasn’t really aware I wasn’t serious yet, maybe the term is “ready” yet I don’t know. It’s getting so intense now I’m wondering what happens next, but it’s going to be one heck of a journey I think 😉 I’m in heaven! And it’s only been a about a week and a half.

    Love forever bro, lol…


  2. Hi Kyle,
    That’s great!
    So happy you are getting fast results 🙂
    Keep going and keep me updated

    I will be releasing a new book soon on how to see and hear your succubus with new processes so stay updated

    Peace and much appreciation,

  3. Hi Chris,
    Might be… depends on the experience, might be a physical phenomena…
    Keep practicing and update me if you have more experiences and be a bit more descriptive

  4. Wow. I am Christian and was always taught succubi were demons this website really opened my eyes to the truth of all the lies. I am lookin forward to making contact with who I hope to be the love of my life.

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