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The web contains many references to Incubus Demon stories. These stories, and the various depictions of amazing love making, as opposed to weird attacks, make it difficult for many to decide if summoning an Incubus Demon would be a positive practice.

I'm here to help clear up the confusion, and to give you an accurate picture of what an Incubus Demon Really is…

What is an Incubus Demon Really?

I must admit that I dislike using the word demon because it holds such negative connotations.

Incubi (Plural for Incubus) are not demons. Actually, it would be more correct to say that they fall into the category of "Spirit Guides" who are focused on sexual energy.

Through the years, I have had contact with many Incubus Demons, and especially their female counterpart...the Succubus.

During that time,  I have come to learn the amazing power and benefits of enjoying a loving relationship with my own private Succubus.

The benefits of summoning and contacting an Incubus Demon or succubus are numerous and include:

    • Enjoying a relationship with some one that finally gets you
    • Feeling the wonderful joy of a long lasting relationship, and never feeling alone again
    • Discovering secrets that are far beyond the human range of knowledge
    • Amazing Unearthly sexual revelations that will leave you speechless
    • Getting Advice from a higher form of intelligence that has your best interest in mind

The above points are only a small fraction of the main benefits I have enjoyed from having relationships with these Spiritual Guides, humorously called – Succubus and Incubus Demons.

But what about incubus demon attacks described on the Internet?

This is one of the most controversial claims regarding the art of summoning sexual spirits.

Over the years, neither myself, nor the hundreds of students whom I've taught worldwide, has ever experienced an "Incubus Attack." Not one!

In fact, if you practice the methods offered on this site, according to the step by step program, and strive for a positive and enjoyable relationship with an evolved higher being, you simply cannot attract any negative experiences.

Summoning an Incubus is a spiritual encounter:

Love is all there is, and Succubi and Incubi are truly loving entities, and they express that love through sexual contact.

The only true thing stopping most people from enjoying such a positive and wonderful relationship with an Incubus or Succubus is their own fear based belief system:

  1. You don't deserve love
  2. That contacting spirits and non physical entities is a sin
  3. That Evil really exists

These three dogmatic beliefs, which are held by many Christian and many other religious organizations, are the reasons why so many people are hesitant to enter this life changing experience.

But as with all art froms… this isn't for everyone – And those that belong in this domain will feel the call.

Where Can I discover how To Summon an Incubus Demon?

Like I mentioned above, there are many resource materials regarding summoning an incubus demon.

Some are better than others, and it is important that you choose a system of practicing that can give you the following:

  1. A step by step system you can work with
  2. Support and help from experts and advanced students
  3. A positive feeling and expectation to succeed

I have studied and worked for many years to create such a system that could help people the world over summon a sexual spirit into their life, just as I did years ago.

This site is rich with succubus and incubus demon stories that will offer you a great deal of inspiration and information in regards to these wonderful loving spirits.


To learn more about the art of Succubus Summoning simply fill out the form below and begin receiving the "The 7 FREE Summoning A Succubus and Incubus Lessons."


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