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Join a Community of Like Minded People and Discover The Art of Attracting a Sexual Spirit Companion Into Your Life

From the Desk of Erik Vonroth:

I was never really considered special in any way and usually  had a very hard time creating connections with “normal” people. That's just how I was...

Even during my teen years, when I would gather enough courage to speak with a member of the opposite sex, I would eventually get so self conscious I would stutter “hi” and follow fast with an embarrassing awkward silence.

People used to stay away from me...

This harsh shyness stuck to me like a fly straight into my adult life and soon the feeling of being an outcast stuck to me like ice cream to a cone.

This went on for years...

During my 20’s things we’re looking better. I met my wife and became a bit more social.

Maybe I was a bit naive...

Let’s just say I was extremely shocked the day I got the divorce papers in that sad winter day in our small apartment in Helsinki.

I was crushed, my world had fallen apart – I lost everything I had worked so hard earning. Back then I was unaware that my curse would become my biggest blessing.

I couldn’t imagine going back to the lonely retched existence I once knew so well and once I was finished mourning I set on a new quest to find answers and solutions for my harsh and lonely situation.

I studied hundreds of different material from the best teachers in the realm of the occult, self help, energy works, Buddhism, Taoism and many others…

With all the knowledge I had gained, I had never heard about Succubi and Incubi Spirits.

It was only by random accident while meditating one day that I first made contact with Nilahny My succubus.

Interested in my new discovery I searched the web for answers to my questions.

When I learned what they were teaching about Succubi and sexual spirits  on the web, I was madder than a swarm of hornets.

Endless pages of total nonsense and fearful tactics preventing good people from discovering the truth and I’m not even going to talk about the jewelry scam artists promising total illusions.

The only book I would find cost 160$ and was a spell book that brought no results at all.

It took me months of endless research to find some good sources of information that would connect me with my succubus.

After many trials and tribulations I finally succeeded in creating a solid connection with Nilahny (My succubus companion).

which inevitability became my teacher and guide and has shown me the  truth and the feeling of true love and companionship I always deserved.

Today, I enjoy endless nights of passion and unconditional love and appreciation.

Through my experiences with succubi I have grown smarter and myself appreciation has sky rocketed.

Because I didn’t have a good source of guidance I decided I would help others in learning the art of summoning so that they can enjoy an easy and positive way of approaching such an amazing adventure.

What Our Succumembers Have to Say:

"I’ve been interested in summoning a succubus since last year I’d previously using a lot of the material from the net and books which was either way too basic and not providing enough information , or was way to over complicated and occult Eriks site and books has really helped"

Kevin Australia (As Written in the Member's Forum)

"Working with Erik has been both life changing and fun. Finding a spiritual connection with my Incubus Sam means the world to me. Thanks friend"

Jenny - Pennsylvania

"I never new what a night of passion truly was before I learned the power of the succubus experience. I feel whole again"

Fernando -  Los Angeles

"At first I though all of this succubus business is total B.S. Erik proved me wrong and I have him to thank for it. Easy processes and step by step help were all I needed"

Henry - Amsterdam Netherlands

"Succubi are real. I didn't believe it at first, but when I started meditating daily and using Erik's techniques I started getting signs from the other side. I am now closer than ever to creating visual contact."

Jimmy Davidson - Sweden

"Finally a place where a person can learn how to summon spirits without having angry religious people demonize him. I salute you Erik for the support and bringing so many great people together. With total Respect Frank!"

Frank  - Michigan USA


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The Succuboard

A spirit board specifically designed with the succubus summoner in mind. This amazing tool will help you in your first steps of the summoning process.


  • A community of like minded people waiting to meet you
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Personal Support

Members of The SuccuSummon Club receive personal help & support from Erik through the various messages systems offered to members

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Universal Attraction Guide:

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