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Succubus summon is a true art and those who master it enjoy experiences that a normal human will rarely enjoy.

I have spent hours speaking and enjoying the company of my succubus Nilahny even without any sexual contact. We talk for hours and I am always amazed by the depth and of her broad view on life and the universe. She has taught me what hours of pleasure truly are, what unconditional love feels like and how to appreciate my life here on planet earth.

That’s why I want every person that is interested in attracting a succubus to learn how to do it correctly, so you can enjoy the amazing connection between physical and spirit and truly start enjoying life.

I’ve been in the down low in my life. In fact, before I entered the realm of the succubus summon, I was very misrebale.

Nilahny changed that, she taught me to love myself and my so called flaws and start enjoying my life instead of hiding like a scared mouse.

Even though many will tell you they lost interest in human contact after the succubus summon, in my life story that is not the case. In fact, I have much better relationships with humans and Nilahny is always there to tell me who’s lying to me and who’s an honest good person I should connect with.

She is not jealous when I enjoy other women’s company, in fact, I’m pretty sure she enjoys watching though we never had any need to touch the subject.

If you like what you’ve read so far and want to understand how to attract and do a succubus summon ritual then sign up for the 7 free succubus summon lessons by filling your name and Email below

Peace and much love,


16 Responses to “Succubus Summon – A Life Changing Experience”

  1. Hi Eddie, Try to identify why you are so focused on the issue of jealousy. This is not from your succubus it is from you. If you want more information contact me in Private. Thanks, Erik

  2. Hey, I treid the relaxation white light thing from lesson 2. I asked if I could let it all fade like 3 times. Then once I felt pretty much relaxed I asked if anyone whas there, I kept asking it, but nothing. All I felt was really warm, then numbing, then I felt like the left side of my face was being rubbed near the cheak bone. But that was it. It was abit difficult to concentrate. Do you think it’s the fishtank in my room. It makes noise. How can I tell if I’m doing things right or if I’m even making any progress?

  3. Hi Kenny,

    It takes time to create the ability to stay in a meditative state of mind and speak with a succubus
    simply keep practicing
    you will get a sign eventually…

    You can try other easier methods from succusummon book that can help you
    like the succuboard
    which needs no meditation at all

  4. Hey Erik!!!!

    My life is miserable and I wish too change that!
    Please reply to me on how too summon a succubus…

    Thank you very much

  5. Hi Ramon,
    did you sign up to the 7 free lessons?
    It should give you a great head start on solving your issue
    If you have any more questions you contact me via mail or the contact page on the site for further assistance
    Have a great day and remember that there are mountains without valleys 🙂

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