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Succubus Definition :

It is not very surprising that so many people are looking for a succubus definition. There are so many different characters, legends and movies that the whole concept has been distorted.

As someone who is constant contact with a succubus I would like to give you my own

Succubi are non-physical entities, meaning they are not made out of solid material like us.

Well… that’s not exactly correct.

We aren’t solid either.

IT’s just that our subatomic frequency vibrates much lower…

(Sorry for the headache)

What I’m actually trying to convey is… that even though Succubi and Incubi are not solid, doesn’t mean they are dead or unlike us.
They are life energy manifested in a different form.

So what makes a succubus/incubus different from other entities?

The succubus definition comes to separate these spiritual beings from other non physical entities by their apparent draw to the sexual energy. Thus most experiences revolving around succubi are usually sexual in nature.

These sexual spirits were referred by Christian demonologist as Succubi.
Many people today share their lives with these sexual spirits who guide them and help them feel truly loved in a cold harsh world. They are teachers of higher energies and mystic experiences.

Is by Definition a succubus dangerous?

The answer is absolutely – no

Succubi are not evil just because they are drawn to sexual energy. In fact most people who share relationships with these sexual spirits report a wonderful life changing experience.
It is only because of Dogma and false religious premises that these gentle beings are considered demons.

You cannot expect people 500 years ago who condemned almost all sexual acts to accept an invisible sexual spirit.

Learning more about Succubus, incubus and sexual spirits:

Understanding the succubus definition is one thing, experiencing a sexual spirit is another.
If you are interested in learning how to attract a succubus/incubus into your life and enjoy the full experience.

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3 Responses to “Succubus & Incubus Definition – Sexual Spirits”

  1. Thank you for sharing with us, I conceive this website really stands out : D.

  2. priyanka pushkar says:

    sum days ago an incubus visited me,and i also saw him in my dreams.he told me his name,i was lil’ shocked but he seems to be a good spirit who wanted to have sex with me.I really want him back in my life,how can i get him back again.plz help

  3. Hi Priyanka,
    Try the 7 Free Lessons they have all the information you need
    You can sign up in the form within the post
    You can Join the succusummon Members Club and enjoy all the materials


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