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Every month, I receive hundreds of emails from people who are having trouble Summoning a Succubus/Incubus. In order to help those who are struggling with the Summoning process, I have created this Succubus Guide. It addresses the most common mistakes I have observed.

Trying Too Hard

Learning a new skill can be tricky. A new language, terminology and rules can often create a feeling of anxiety and confusion in regard to  the correct practice of new methods.

To many, this may mean they are doing something wrong, or not doing it enough. This Succubus Guide allows one a different way to approach these studies.

Have you ever planted a tree? You took the small seed, put it into the ground and began to water it every day. A few weeks later you probably started observing the new tree emerging from the ground.

Did you do that? Did you have to check on that seed every day to see it was growing?

The answer is - No!

Like seeds, new practices need to be planted and watered to grow. No effort, or taking score, is required.

If you can approach the subject of Summoning a Succubus/Incubus with the same attitude, you will see results faster than you can possibly imagine.

The expectation of succeeding through proper training is very important in creating such a space.

Practice the summoning techniques offered in the Succusummon Guide, or the 7 Free Lessons, daily without judging your progress.

It is simply the fastest way to go...

Lack of Information:

I'm going to say it straight out – Most of the information about Sexual Spirits on the web is simply false.

Succubus/Incubus Lovers are not demons or entities that have any sort of evil intention, and they do not feed on human energy. They are all misconceptions brought about by many in Christianity, and these beliefs are an archaic, incorrect and fearful approach to such a beautiful experience.

If you believe in discovering new ways of thinking and believing in the goodness of God and the Universe – You are in the right place...

If you think that your soul will be damned for dwelling on such subjects – Then you are not in the right place.

These spirits are attracted to physical entities with similar energy signals. They interact with those ready and open to enjoy a relationship with them. Willingness and openness to this subject create a sort of beckon that attracts these beings.

Becoming more familiar with the true nature of these spiritual beings will help you with the summoning process and the attracting of a compatible non-physical partner.

This site was created to give you the proper methods of attraction, and offers all the extensive information you need to understand the full nature of sexual and spiritual beings. Reading the Blog, signing up for The Free Summon a Succubus Lessons, The Popular Succusummon Book and Membership Site is all you need to become a successful Succubus Summoner.

The Power is in the Ritual

Rituals are great focusing tools – They put you in the correct mood and focus to create an open connection with a succubus, incubus and sexual spirit.

But that's all it really is... A tool

The power was, is and will always be, inside of you. A very common mistake I see many making is to attribute the power to the process, and not to the inner work.

This gives the tool itself the control on your success rate. This can be great if you succeed easily in the summoning process. But it can also lead to a dependency on methodologies that might not be the perfect ones for you. Sadly, many never try other methods proclaiming the whole idea unachievable.

It isn't, it is very simple. But it takes a correct attitude towards self.

Understanding the power to connect to Spiritual Beings is within each and every one of us, and whether we practice or not, it is a great way of shaping the way you think, and thus enhancing the energy vibration of attraction.

Full Blown Summoning the first Time Around

To summon Succubi/Incubi fast, you must understand that the connection and the signs grow with time. Although it is possible, expecting to perform a ritual once, and experience a visual, physical connection with a Succubus/Incubus may be somewhat unrealistic.

I have seen students achieve full contact with a Succubus/Incubus without any practice, but that is very rare. In the beginning of your practice, the best approach is to be open to the lesser signs offered by Succubi/Incubi. Practice makes progress.

For many of you this is a new conecpt, and because of that, many times one consciously misses the signs that are all around them. It is not that Succubi/Incubi need to travel long distances to connect, as they are all around. And the best way to begin to observe them is by learning to practice in your mind and begin to see what is commonly referred to as Vibrational essences. This means...seeing intelligent beings that are less condensed than human beings. It is not far from the ability to connect with a ghost be it through seance or Ouija Board.

As you progress, the signs will become more apparent, your Succbus/Inubus's name will come to you, auditory messages will start arriving, and eventually, you will be able to see them.

Even though I made spontaneous contact with my succubus Nilahny, it took quite a while before I could actually see her.

That beings said, I did not have all the methods offered on this site available to me back then. Today, many reach this ability within the first month.

No Support System:

Support is important for success in such a revolutionary form of thinking. Without support you will have a hard time identifying the areas that need correction, and you will miss important feedback and relevant tools that other like minded people are applying.

When you enter this site you can see on the right corner the Members Forum – This place is the only forum ever created dedicated for those who devoted to learning the art of Summoning Succubi/Incubus and Sexual Spirits.

Connecting and learning from others who have been where you are at right now will be immensely helpful.

In Conclusion:

Summoning is all about opening the mind and learning new methodologies you might have previously thought impossible. Follow my teachings offered in this site, and practice them step by step with a flowing and positive attitude, and you will enjoy an out of this world connection with your special chosen Spirit Lover.

To get the Support and tools you need to attract a Succubus/Incubus Lover sign up now for the SuccuSummon Members Club and receive the Occult best seller book “SuccuSummon – A practical Guide to attracting Succubi, Incubi and sexual spirits” plus many other bonuses.

For more information and to start enjoying your new companion

8 Responses to “Succubus Guide – Most Common Summoning Mistakes”

  1. Shouldn’t be a problem.
    But it’s important to feel comfortable

    It also depends on the ritual you are using… 🙂

  2. I was wondering how long does it take from the time you meet a succubus before she will fully trust you? And if they like you or approve of you will they help you personally like give advice because the one i have encountered does this.

  3. Hi Richi,
    The length of time it takes depends on the person doing the work, his experience and openness to such esoteric teachings. Usually some one who follows the steps daily and commits to the process will achieve first contact within a week to a month…

    Also, sexual spirits are higher intelligence and my succubus Nilahny also gives great advise that has helped me in many areas of my life that don’t even relate to sex.

    She is my love and partner and always has my best interest in mind…
    Their ability to see the bigger picture is what makes them so special

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