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It's popular to call and define a Succubus Demon as a sexual spirit. The truth is, that the name has nothing to do with the true nature of Succubi and Incubi.

In fact, as an experienced teacher in this field, I can honestly say the name –Succubus Demon, is nothing  more than a name given in the medieval days to keep people ignorant and powerless.

What is a succubus demon?

A Succubus Demon is a non-physical intelligent and positive entity who is attracted to people with higher sexual energies for purposes of guidance, sex and spiritual expansion.

For centuries, these positive and loving beings have visited and enjoyed sexual and romantic relationships with humans.

Much of the revered sexual teachings such as Tantra and Kundhalini Meditation (The sexual Indian Energy Arts) come from these amazing entities.

the negative name of Succubus Demon came about during the rise of the Christian Catholic Church. It was during this time that sex became a sin, and spiritual beings were demonized.

Fearing the Unkown:

People fear the unknown, and may deem  it "Evil" – This is also true regarding the concept and practice of summoning a Succubus Demon

That is simply incorrect, and those who have the courage to try new things know this very well.

There is nothing of value on this planet that, at one time, wasn't labeled "sinful" or worth fearing.

This is the time to learn the truth about this misconception, and begin enjoying the life you always dreamed of.

The Time of Change and Awakening:

Since the world wide web entered into everyday life, many new resources regarding amazing subjects of the occult have surfaced and these subjects are being taught to millions.

Right now, from the teachings offered n this web site, thousands of people who never thought it possible are summoning and enjoying the pleasures of a Succubus Demon lover.

Now that you understand what a Succubus Demon really is, it's time for you to discover if you are spirit loving material.

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Erik Vonroth


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