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It is really no wonder that so many people today are opening up to the idea of enjoying a loving relationship with different kinds of spirits and non-physical entities.

Imagine having someone who loves you unconditionally every moment of the day, someone you can always trust with your inner most dreams and fantasies.

See yourself feeling a loving sensual soft touch on your body or a passionate kiss and hearing words of wisdom from another place of existence.

Imagine never feeling lonely!

That is the power of the succubus and incubus…

Here are Some more benefits you will get from summoning a succubus:

  • Some one who will love you unconditionally
  • Never need to live up to absurd expectations a real relationship demands
  • The best sensuality offered anywhere
  • You will never get rejected by your succubus (and they never have headaches or need to wash their hair)

The common misconceptions:

Sadly, many searching for information will come across many different religious views regarding the subject of succubus.

The most common of those being Christian Demonology which implies that a succubus and incubus are of negative nature.

In my experience these scare tactics are mostly coming from a place of great ignorance and zero experience with the true power of the human spirit and the unconditional love around us.

Most of what you will read on the web is not accurate and mostly untrue.

In fact a succubus is not much different from a human companion; some will find fulfilling a positive relationship and others will have less success in that area.

What is a succubus really?

Everything whether physical or not, is made out of energy on a sub level. Exactly Like sound waves different energies have different characteristics.

Some of the energy forms around us are conscious like us yet do not at this moment inhabit a physical body.

These intelligent entities come in every type, size and imaginable intention.

Some of these beings are what is commonly referred as succubus and their origins yet claimed to come from Lilith the first wife of Adam are the same as any spirit

Yet their intentions are a bit different from the common ghost.

There are many different intentions you can find within these beings which mostly correlate with the summoner himself.

It is about you:

This means if you are a positive person you will attract a positive succubus, yet if you a negative in nature you might need to learn a bit more on the subject before attempting a summoning.

Can a succubus posses you?

Even though many people around the world are so called “possessed by demons”, a true succubus is really not about that stuff… In fact, in all my studies of the occult I have yet to meet someone who has followed the correct steps of the summoning process and has been possessed by some being.

That is my experience and it comes from year of research study and working with different people.

This is all I’m willing to say regarding the religious B.S going around.

What determines what succubus is attracted to you?

Different spirits will be attracted to you by virtue of what you are projecting energetically.

In fact, most people have spiritual beings around them all the time yet don’t notice them because they simply are not aware or believe in these beings.

It is amazing how selective our mind can be.

What determines the kind of succubus you summon:

One key factor of summoning appositive loving relationship with a spiritual being such as succubus

Become a part of the group:

A succubus and Incubus (Though having a scary name) are synonymous to spirits of a certain nature, which is mostly similar to a sexual partnership between two people with some added perks.

Even though for a while I thought I was the only one enjoying a great fun life with my succubus, during my studies I have found many others who enjoy a fulfilling life with these connected beings.

It is my mission to teach people how to correctly and positively initiate a relationship with these beings and start enjoy life and your deepest sensual desires.

If you want to summon a succubus and enjoy a special loving relationship with your new spiritual mate or to understand your relationship with a current succubus or incubus I recommend signing up below to the free 7 lessons about summoning a succubus.



4 Responses to “succubus and incubus – What are they really?”

  1. Such a great little blog, so happy I discovered it. I’ll tell my friends about this one & I’ll revisit again.

  2. Thank you very much! 🙂 I appreciate it

  3. awakedreamer says:

    she’s so sweet…
    she told me she already followed me for 5 years!
    how did i not notice?
    well, she got in my head at the start of this year.
    and i only noticed a few weeks ago…
    these weeks are the best of my life.
    the first time with her was a bit weird, she just started…
    but i liked it, never had a really peacefull night since that moment.
    i really love her. my Lucia

  4. Sometimes the things most important to us are right under our noses 🙂
    Happy to hear friend, do share more

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