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Experinces with Succubi
I remember a time when the concept of spiritual beings such as succubi and incubi were only a fairy tale legend in mind.
Being raised in a very atheistic household, I never really considered it to be something to take seriously.

That was a long time ago…

Since then I have become a professional summoner of succubi and incubi and other spirits of the non physical realm.
It wasn’t always a good experience, actually I remember feeling very lonely and scarred when I made my first random contact.
It’s amazing how sometimes life takes you in an unexpected direction that changes everything.

But this post is not to tell you about the beginning… there are about 5 other ones here you can read about it.
I want to tell you about an experience I had almost 8 years ago with multiple succubi and incubi.
I was sitting one night speaking with Nilahny my succubus which I had already become very familiar with over time.
I remember asking her if there were others and if I could meet some of them.

She didn’t answer my question that night and vanished shortly after…

Multiple succubi and incubi experience and Molech:

The next night when Nilahny appeared again, she was not alone
In fact, I have never seen so many different kinds of beings in my life and it was the first time I grasped how diverse the world of sucubbi and incubi really is.

There were about 25 of them and each had a different look, state of solidity and character.
It wasn’t so different from regular humans – no two alike.
Some had black raven hair, others white as beach sand
Some had purple eyes with no apparent eyelid, other of blazing gold
Short, tall, male, female in all shape and forms

I also remember noticing a sort of hierarchy while we communicated that night in my apartment.
They seemed much more organized than humans are when in such a big group

One incubus that struck me as being a sort of leader began speaking with me
His voice sounded like hundreds of people speaking together in perfect unison
I asked him if he was the “King” Incubi to which he replied “I am the total of us”
I had no idea what that meant, but something about him was just amazingly powerful and impressive.
He was tall, taller than any human I had ever encountered
Hair short and raven black, skin dark and eyes blue like the deep oceans

His name was “Molech”

When I focused on him, a feeling of warmth and love spread all through my body, an occurance many experience when contacting succubi and incubi spirits.

That was the night I discovered what my calling really was.
We spoke for hours on many subjects and he answered every one of my questions with in a calm and loving manner.

Questions to Molech:

Erik: what is the Meaning of life?
Molech: expansion of the whole always towards joy
Erik: What happens after death?
Molech: there is no death only cycles of expansion
Erik: What is my calling in life?
Molech: expansion as all others, love as all others, joy as all others, creation as all others
Erik: Then I’m not special?
Molech: Every particle is unique
Erik: Why did nilahny come to me
Molech: When one unconsciously asks and there is no wall, then we see your fire. We are attracted to those ready.
Erik:: And those that are not ready?
Molech: Not all are meant for the same specific encounters, diversity will expand, diversity is all.
Erik: Are you alive or dead?
Molech: What do you mean by alive, physical form?
Erik: yes, like me
Answer: Some of us have counterparts, but we share the same over soul as you. There is no dead, all is alive. The chair you sit on, it is moving, we can see its expansion.
Erik: The chair?!
Molech: Everything

I will not write everything we spoke about, it would be too long.
It was an experience that words can not capture wholey.

Since that experience I have conversed and experienced both mentally and physically each and every one of those wonderful incubi and succubi.
There is much more to these spiritual beings tha the sexual factor most are looking for.
They are friends and wise and always looking to share and experience love and passion with those who look for it.

I urge anyone who feels a call into these areas to learn how to summon and enjoy the realm of the succubi and incubi and feel what true unconditional love is.

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you guys what you think about what Molech told me.
Comment away people!

Much love, Erik

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  1. By using the process of allowing instead of negative patterns.
    To see what you couldn’t see before…

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