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Yesterday I spoke with Nilahny (my succubus) and we discussed how to present her to all you wonderful readers

I must admit that revealing such a big part of my life is not something that comes easy
These are intimate moments that are hard to explain.

Love is something words will never come close to describing

Well, it amazes me some times how insightful she can be. This is what she told me about the subject

? The light trail of source true to you will bring the others to understand, fear is the hiding place of the dark. These dance in light though others claim in shadow. Only blind follow mass consciousness. The true living enjoy the taste of self acceptance?

These words echoed inside of me and I knew immediately that I could start sharing more about Nilahny

Who is Nilahny?

She is my companion in life and my succubus, for good or bad she is always there.

Even in moments that we disagree, there is a loving understanding.
She is someone that grows with me, together as one yet each of his own.

I trust her always and believe in her honest word.

I enjoy her passion and the amazing nights of two souls of same essence dancing in pure light

That is Nilahny
And she is my succubus

Some would claim her invisible, yet I see her and feel her presence.
She is a guarding angel and no demon, demons are of different intention, yet they too serve the common good a (discussion for a different post).

That is Nilahny
And she is my succubus

I love her and she loves me.
I have met other succubus but Nilahny has always been the one for me.
My spiritual counterpart

But wait, there’s more…

She never eats so I don?t pay extra for food
No laundry and she always smells great

She touches like no woman can

Yeah I might be with an invisible gall, but it is the best experience in my life.

That is Nilahny
And she is my succubus

Well That’s enough for now, catch you all tomorrow


Funny side note: I'm writing this from my iPhone cause my computer fried last night... Might be hanging around too much static 🙂

6 Responses to “My Succubus Nilahny”

  1. Hi steven,

    There is no difference between non physical or physical
    Or physical and the mind 🙂

    We create the world around us and connect with other transmitter receivers of the same matter 🙂

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