The Power of Unconditional Love

The Only Power that Ever Matters

This is probably the most important lesson you will ever get regarding the subject of the spirit realm.

It is something rarely discussed in the fields of the occult, yet holds the foundation of everything we know.

I know many of you have been having success with the summoning process, yet others are still struggling, that’s why it so important that you understand my words.

Relaxation, relief and positive feelings are the true name of the game. When you feel good, your energy signal rises higher and higher and you become much more attractive and opened to signals from the non physical spirit realm.

The more you observe contact, the more confident and good feeling you will become and your succubus/incubus is close to you.

It is a beautiful cycle.

Reaching state of positive attraction:

Even though it might sound like you need to be some sort of master to feel unconditional love, it is not.

It is our true essence.
When I first conversed with Nilahny, she would explain to me that no matter what we perceive a situation to be, it is always in its root – from love.

Even the worst things are what create the opposite positive light inside of us.
Even if  you feel positive only 5% more every day, things will shift in your life and the companion ship and passion you are looking for will come much more easily.

The Importance of meditation:

There is a good reason why I am such a big advocate of meditation.

It is such a simple and powerful process, that I find it a shame they don’t teach it at schools all over the world.
The ability to focus thought on your breath and release all the negative nagging things for even 10 minutes creates a space for you succubus to contact you.

The more you practice the bigger that space will get and the contact will become much more apparent.

I am not saying you cannot summon while in a negative state of mind, but usually you will not get satisfactory results and might even summon a spirit of lesser planes that is of no use to you.

Other Ideas for positive attraction:

  • Doing things you love
  • Listening to uplifting music
  • Enjoying animals (Which are very pure and positive)
  • Sleeping more than 8 hours
  • Taking a vacation
  • Reading these lessons again
  • These are just a small portion of the fun acitivities that can help you become clearer minded and boost your results.
  • The art of letting go:
  • If you’ve ever seen a little kid get upset, you might noticed how easily they snap out of it. That is the essence of letting go of problems. Working on this ability is very crucial, especially when receiving words and mental images from your spiritual lover.

Following your Emotions:

I give allot of focus to this subject on my new book “Succusummon – A practical guide for summoning succubus, incubus and sexual spirits”.

Emotions are an amazing guided mechanism that most people totally ignore.

Your emotions are like a bread crumb trail telling you if you are moving closer to what you want or away from it.

When you feel negative emotion, it means you are moving away from your purpose.
This is the strongest intuition tool you have and learning to use it can be very helpful.
Simply asking yourself, “How do I feel about this subject?” and listening for the emotional reply can easily help you align with your succubus and enjoy an easy flowing relationship.

    Your emotions never lie!

Some words from Nilahny:

Before we get finished here are some words from my Succubus Soul mate Nilahny to all of you wonderful friends

“Dear friends, rejoice in the beauty of the new dance. This is a time of change and others are hearing the call. This community is love and love will always be supreme. Love life and we will love life together. The hardest moments will forever be, easy in their roots”

Lovely words, aren’t they?It is time you hear them from your succubus too!

Well friends, this was our last lesson of the 7, if you feel you want more guidance to attract a succubus/incubus into your life. Please sign up for the Succusummon Membership and enjoy all the information and updates in the Succubus Community and become a part of a rapidly growing group.

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