How to hear your succubus - The Art of Tuning in

Contact with succubi and incubi can come in many different forms.

The most common and easiest to maintain is auditory mental.

Once you learn to hear your succubus or incubus entity, you can start working on how to see her/him visually.

Imagine your mind as a huge radio transmitter & receiver with a huge station knob. Imagine that that knob is spinning moving from one channel to another.

Hearing succubi works exactly that way...

The more you meditate the more your imaginary Nob will click into the Succbi and Incubi station. That station has a special thought frequency that is very similar to the FM Radio channels.

Many people make the common mistake of thinking you are either connected to a spirit or not. That is not accurate and in fact many of the thoughts we think are energy forms specific to areas and beings trying to contact us.

Many of the world’s most successful people have been known to have reported getting their idea from somewhere/one else, usually through different meditation techniques.

This means, the more you learn the relaxation and summoning processes from the previous lessons, the more you will able to tell the difference between your conscious chatter and the connection.

The two degrees of audio connection:

Hearing spirits usually comes in two main forms – your own voice speaking or a voice different from your own.

Your own Voice:

Verbal thought comes when the area of our brain translates electric neurological transitions into thought. Thought meditation and raising of your awareness you will be able to tune mentally into the Succubus and incubus thought patterns.

This correlation between the two will cause your mind to translate their message in your own words.
This is not dangerous in any way, yet it might take some practice.

How do you know it is your succubus speaking?

Here are some ways to tell the different between your own thoughts and the succubi connection.
1. Human thinks in short bursts of thought, usually losing focus within two to three seconds. Succubus verbal connection is usually much more fluent and can go on for a couple of minutes.

2. Your voice is telling you things you don’t know that turn out to be true

3. A dialog is built in your mind

4. Short mental images of women and people you never met.

5. Speech in a language or sequence you never learned or heard before.

The Voice of Another:

This is a very obvious one to recognize when it happens, yet it takes much practice to achieve this state by will.
My first contact with Nilahny was via this sort of connection, and it took me almost half a year to be able to consciously be able to summon and hear her feminine voice.

The method for hearing your succubus spirits voice can be found in my new book “Succusummon” – A Practical Guide to summon Succubus Incubus and Sexual spirits

These are only a fraction of phenomena that occur during verbal mental communication with succubus and incubus entities. As you progress in your abilities, you will discover individual phenomena and preferences you and your succubus hold together.

How to practice mental verbal communications?

If you’ve been following our lessons and doing the work, you should be working on your summoning and meditation process.
If you have not yet created a connection with your succubus, please continue to practice the previous lessons before trying to apply the mental auditory process.

All you need to do , in order to create a verbal connection is add the following sentence at end of your summoning process.

Once you feel the connection, simply state in your mind:

“I wish to hear and speak with you my succubus/incubus love – Will you allow me to hear you?”

This should be enough to trigger a conversation
That’s all for now, start tuned for our next lessons
Peace, Erik

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