Time to get busy!

First we questioned how ready we are to even consider summoning a succubus, later we studied relaxing the mind and opening to new possibilities. Three days ago we learned about the different type of succubus and incubus and how to deal with sleep paralysis. Now it’s time to get busy…

Today we are going to discuss 5 ways that contact can be created with a succubus and do our first summoning ritual. This ritual is meant to create basic contact between you and your succubus or incubus spirit.

5 Common Ways of Contact:

Contact with a succubus or incubus mostly happens in 5 ways:

A sense of presence: You will feel that something is present next to you, yet you will not see or hear anything. Many of you have already felt this many times and dismissed it totally. Stop doing that! Your succubus might be trying to make contact for quite a some time.

Mental sounds: Many times the first conscious contact you will make is through mental sounds. You will hear your own voice speaking to you in your head, yet it will be saying things that you yourself don’t normally say or think.

This is a very common way of contact and also goes unnoticed with many people.

Mental Images: Mental images appear as pictures of our imagination that are projected from the succubus into our mental psyche. Again, like the previous – it can go under the radar easily and be dismissed as your own fantasies. But, if you pay attention closely (and clear your mind and relax) you will be able to tell the difference between your thoughts and the succubus mental projections.

Physical sounds and movement: This usually occurs after the connection has been established and the succubus feels comfortable around you. These are physical signs such as moving objects, hearing voices that are not yours talking to you and any other physical phenomena that feels outside of you.

This contact can be a bit scary at first, and usually happens after trust is created between you and the succubus spirit.

Physical touch: This is what most are looking fo ...

the physical climax.

This happens when the succubus touches you. Being non solid they can stimulate our inner cells and bring us to a high state of ecstasy. This is usually more common at the later stages, though I’ve met many that have achieved it the first time around.


Before we begin - a word regarding practice:

Some create contact the first time around, others will take a few times to get it right. The more you practice the processes I’m giving you, the better you will become at the art of succubus summon.

*The following preparations and summoning ritual are taken from my upcoming book “Succusummon” which will be coming out in a few days.


To ensure better results it is advised that you prepare the following things before starting the ritual. They are not mandatory but will help you with the process:

  • Vacant Room
  • Incense
  • Flowers
  • Candle
  • Blanket



Your first succubus summon

This is one of my favorite rituals and has brought me and others amazing results. It is not the easiest, but if mastered, you can create the strongest experiences and connections from this process.

Step #1:

Enter your private room holding some burning incense and walk around for a couple of minutes cleaning the energy in the room.

Step #2:

Lay on your back  on the bed with your face towards the ceiling.

Step #3:

See that your body is placed comfortably on the mattress.

Step #4:

Spread your legs apart approximately 45 degrees from each other.

Step #5

Close your eyes and take a deep breath count to three and exhale

Step #6

State your intentions quietly in your mind

Step #7

Now start imagining your succubus the way you want to see her in your mind’s eye. Imagine her lying on top of you naked caressing your body. Feel her soft touch on your body and genitals. Listen to her voice as she tells you how much she loves you.

Go over this mental image for about 5 minutes and do not get tempted to touch yourself.

Step #8

If in the 5 minutes time you start feeling a sort of presence or tingle you don’t normally feel over your body or it might also be a feeling of joy and love that surrounds you.

It means you have created you first connection.

Step #9

Once the 5 minutes are out, simply lay there and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes.

Step #10

Gently and slowly regain normal consciousness and come back to the room.

Whether it worked or not, try practicing this daily if possible and very soon your experiences will get more intense.

Stay tuned for our next lesson in 3 days, it’s going to be a special one



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