Remember the classic way succubus are depicted in literature and graphics?

Well, that is very far from how they look, act or really are….

If you are expecting some winged bat bitch from hell that is going to suffocate you by sitting on your chest, you are in for some surprises. Unless you like that, there are after all spirits for everyone out there...

The 3 Main Types of Succubus:

1st of all, succubuses come in many forms, shapes and types.  Yet, from my experience there usually are 3 main arch types.

Those types are chosen by the characteristics of the succubus’s interactions and behaviors.

Because no one has taken the time to sit and actually give every type a label, I will generally refer to them through their most dominant aspects.

The Romantic:

These succubuses are all about romance and warmth and usually are not referred as succubus but sex spirits. They will usually take their time before reveal themselves to you in physical form. They are amazing lovers and will take you into new depths of unconditional love and unearthly romantic moments.

Those of you looking for easy going experiences and long standing relationships will enjoy their company immensely. These are true soul mates and making love to them feels like a thousand angels caressing your body at once.

If you are lonely and looking for a companion to enjoy you deepest secrets and have gentle love making – this is the one you should focus on.

The Sex Addict:

This succubus is for the more hardcore sexual people around here. These are the classic succubus. Sexy, fast and very sensual, these succubuses can take you through a sexual climatic experience that will last the whole night and still be ready for desert.

They are usually attracted to men and women with strong sexual urges and desires.

With these succubuses you should be a bit cautions before engaging, some people are simply not ready for such strong sexual outburst and feel a bit taking advantage of by them.

Many times they choose to take physical form and appear before the summoner, which can scare you a bit if you are not prepared. At least from my experience their eyes have a sort of gold glow to them and they have a very distinct smell.

They are not looking for meaningful relationships and more of “one night stands” sort of occasions.

The Prankster:

These succubus are very common and are recorded in many people’s stories where the succubus can start arousing the person sexually at unfitting times and public areas.

They are very touchy and love using their non solid abilities to arouse G spots and certain inner areas of the body.

I have had less contact with this type so I will not elaborate at this time.

These are the 3 main types I have encountered over the years. There are of course at least ten other types I can recall but these seem to be the most repeating.

If I were you I would take my time and think about which of these am I more leaning towards. This signals these beings that someone is looking for them and might attract one to you without a summoning ritual.

Now let’s move to another important issue many face while summoning a succubus:

Sleep Paralysis:

For those that don’t know,  sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that occurs when the mind believes the body is sleeping and enters sleep mode while you are conscious and awake. This results is the inability to move your body and a feeling of paralysis.

Also, this is a state where the connection to non physical entities is the easiest because of the low brainwave theta range.

I’m going to say it straight out, there is no danger is sleep paralysis – It is a natural thing that occurs in the body every night.  Working on these materials might simply make you conscious while in that state, which even though can be scary the first time around, is a great time to connect with your succubus.

What you might feel during sleep paralysis:

  1. You can’t move
  2. Pressure on your chest
  3. Whispers in your ear
  4. Touches I your intimate parts
  5. Weird smells
  6. A sense of presence
  7. Pressure inside body – Gspots and Prostates

What to do if sleep paralysis occurs:

  1. First of all remember that your life is not at any risk – No one dies from this.
  2. Remain Calm Count to ten and relax – usually you’ll move into sleep state and on a very high percentage of times you will have a sexual dream
  3. Try moving the toes of your legs; usually it will help you regain movement fast.
  4. If you feel comfortable simply ask if your succubus is there

Well friends we’ve covered many things you need to know about adjusting your thinking to summona succubus. We also learned how to relax and let the experience be and the different types of succubus you might want to expect.

In our next lesson you are going to learn your first summoning ritual.  This is one sort of ritual out of 7 types I use and will be sharing in my upcoming book on succubus summon.

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