The most important factor that will determine how fast you create contact

After my first spontaneous encounter with my succubus Nilahny, I tried to duplicate the event and summon her again for a couple of months with no results.

I searched the web and found the chalk ritual and tried it about 10 times before giving up and also some other books and sources that led me nowhere.

Something just wasn't working right.

It took me allot of study hours and research to find what was really holding me back (Something that I teach all members of the succusummon members club)

It had nothing to with painting pentagrams or anything like that.

It was a mental issue; I was blocking my own love away!

When I finally understood that all you need to do is release and relax the mind every thing clicked into place

The Most Important Factor to boost your Summoning abilities:


As you read the following lesson, you will learn the most basic and important element of summoning sexual spirits.

It is also the number 1 reason why most people  fail contacting sexual

What is it?


It is your current state of mind and ability to relax.

If you are feeling anxious or any other negative emotion during the summoning ritual, or are simply trying too hard

It would be wise to learn our specifically designed  relaxation meditation techniques meant for people like you.

And if you practice these techniques every day, you will turbo boost your summoning abilities in no time…

The following process (done correctly), will clear your mind and create for you an open and clear channel with your spiritual compaion.


When I first learned how to correctly summon a succubus I used to sit and meditate for fifteen minutes every day before attempting to even inquire if Nilahny is there (she always is).

I also observed that when I was in a bad mood (at least in the first period of our connection) the connection would be weak and the feeling was not amazing as later when I understood how to calm my mind.



This is something not many know…

We are in constant contact with non physical beings… we just can’t seem to tell the difference between their thought projections and our own.

The tendency to move from thought to thought without any real focus or control is something you must learn to overcome.

People who take time to learn how to silence their minds during the summoning (even a little bit), observe amazing results with the other lessons your will receive in the coming days.

Learning the following easy process will take care of that issue and you will soon be conversing with your own precious succubus and doing many naughty things 😉

Let’s move on to the good stuff!


  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Find a quite room where you will not be disturbed

If no answer arrives, simply let it all go and come back to it tomorrow.

Stressing it will not help!

But, if you practice this daily, it should take you between a weeks to a month to enter a calm state and create contact.


Relaxation and Protection Meditation Process: (Succusummon Meditation)

Here is a simple process you can use to start relaxing your mind and body and enter the space where the magic happens

Step 1:

Sit down with your back straight or lie down comfortably

Step 2:

Take a deep breath and count to 3 before exhaling – Repeat the process 3 times.

Step 3:

Focus on the toes of your feet; imagine a relaxing warm white liquid light entering from the base of your foot filling your entire body. imagine it filling every part like water would. Continue the process until you have gone over every part of your body.

Step 4:

Once you finish, ask yourself – Can I let everything else fade? If no answer comes, simply continue letting the relaxing liquid in and finding a state of relaxation.

Step 5:

Once you feel relaxed, ask yourself in your mind “”Are you there?” – If you get an impulse or a direct answer – you have the connection.

Repeat this process every day for a period of one month and see the positive results you recieve within a month. Remember not to judge your progress as you go - simply practice and you will see the incremental change start occuring.

It might start small, but will get stronger and more apparent as you go.


This concludes our second lesson

Remember to check your inbox in 2 days for the next lesson in the series

Peace, Erik

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