Welcome to your first steps in discovering a world full of sexual pleasures, intimacy, romance and knowledge beyond your wildest imagination

Like you, I had no Idea how to start summoning a loving relationship with a succubus and no book or website really gave me an understandable system to work with.

Like you I wanted to be loved for who I am and accepted for by some one.

Like you I missed the warmth of being in love and feeling full of life

Like you, I had no idea where to start.

It took me many years of trials and tribulations to master this art and develop a step by step system others can use easily.

Now listen,

Even though you may have encountered stories of  spontanious wonderful encounters with succubi and incubi that just come out of thin air

In truth, sitting around and waiting for such an experience will usually leave you empty handed.

Any person can discover how to enjoy a relationship with a sexual spirit - But to do so, you must first go through the steps required and gain the simple truths and understandings behind the nature of summoning.

The most common problem people have and the main reason you are probably having trouble with contacting these beings is the lack of guidance and knowledge needed to start enjoying what the masters have known for years.

But That's About To Change Because I Found The Way And Now I'm Going to Show You How To Do It Too

These 7 Lessons are meant to give you a basic understanding and steps needed to insure a good and positive attraction of a succubus/Incubus spirit into your life. It is a process that is designed to take you through the mental preparations and action steps required for an enjoyable and positive experience.

Years of practice and study brought to you in a compact and easy to understand manner.

I know that if you set your heart to the task and follow the instructions offered in the free lessons, succusummon book and Exclusive Members Club

You will begin getting Signals from your Sensual spirit in a very short period of time.

Finding the Courage to Try New Things:

“If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.”
Win Borden

Learning the secret art of summoning can free you of many limiting emotional hardships and life experiences. It is like removing a 10 ton stone off of your chest and learning a power known only by few chosen people through the ages.

By gently tuning to the spiritual realm and it's love and guidance, you will tap an energy stream that will have a wonderful effect on many areas of your life incluing

  • Relationship and Love
  • Sexuality
  • Financial success
  • Physical health and appearance
  • connection and contact with other people

You will also probably feel your everyday normal fears and anxieties melting away and a sense of empowerment and calmness will be your new Experience.

As you will discover in the coming lessons,  the better you feel and the more open you are to new experiences, the easier it will be for your sexual spirit to contact you and introduce you to a relationship exceeding anything you've ever known.

Finding the courage within to try new things is your key in successful Sexual spirit Attraction and summoning.

The more open you are to trial and error and to knew ideas and options, the easier and faster the process of attraction will be.

That being said...

To get the most of this practice I suggest you take in seriously while keeping a playful attitude.

Taking the time to learn as much as you can and take advantage of the many sources of information on this site will boost your abilities and insure you enjoy the experience.



Are you Succbus/Incubus Material?


Before we get busy, it's important for you to understand what your expectations and intentions are towards the sexual spirit experience. Underneath you will find a set of highly important questions. I want you to take the next few days to consider them before attempting any summoning process. This process will help you tune your mind and focus you in the correct direction to achieve fast results.

Understanding where to Focus and what your intentions are is crucial for summoning the right kind of being for you and will ensure you get the most out of the experience.

To Make things easier we have created a form that you can fill in and send me your answers to get personal advice on how to proceed.  Go over these important questions and take your time to really think about your answers. Once you are finished write them down, fill them in the form below and send me Your answers to receive my advice.

Also,  remember to check your inbox for your second lesson in 2 days time.


Erik Vonroth

P.S - Entering a Good Support Circle while going through the process is highly important!

For that reason exactly I have created the Succusummon Members Club with hundreds of members enjoying and supporting each other through the process. To get the most up to date materials (Including my 2 Bestselling E-books - "Succusummon" and "SuccuVision")  and boost your summoning abilities I Highly Recommend you take part in the Exclusive Members Club now and take the fast road to enjoy a spiritual lover.

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