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This article is much more than an introduction on how to summon a demon lover (AKA Succubus or Incubus).

Also, This It is not a guide teaching Some evil Occult art consisting of morbid acts of torture or darkness.

No… What I teach is very different. And the only reason I'm calling this article how to summon a demon lover is because many believe this to be an act of evil.

Which it is absolutely -  NOT!

Now before you go any further…

It is recommended that you know that

People who Summon Succubi and Incubi Demons usually:

  • Wish to have a sexual / romantic relations with humans and fail
  • Are spiritual individuals who wish good for others
  • Want to discover amazing supernatural and spiritual connections
  • Seek guidance from a higher intelligence

Now is the time to understand what a Demon Lover really is:

Many people today accept that there is much more going on than we can hear, smell, see, feel and touch. In fact, our brain is amazingly specific about the things we experience.

The more closed minded we are, the less our mind allows us to observe.

Most people do not believe in the concept of a Succubus/Incubus or Demon Lover. And even if they do, the belief is usually shrouded with such fear and guilt they usually do not even attempt to gather more information.

But understand,  the demon concept is part of a fear mechanism used to control people in the past by misguided religious organizations.

In the distant past, every name for demons ever recorded by certain Christian organizations were once revered as local gods. And many of them were looked upon as fair and positive.

As was the Succubus Lilith who can be found in many of the ancient cultures.

Only when sex become a sin, did people start fearing the sexual powers, which are now known by only a few.

The sexual energy, refined only to flesh.

What I am talking about here is something totally different.

I am here to smash these ridiculous and old myths that revolve around the subject of Succubi/Incubi and Sexual Spirits, and to teach you about their true positive life changing nature.

 My mission is to reveal the truth about these misconceptions, and to help you approach the art of Summoning a Demon Lover using a positive and respectful approach, and to help you discover a loving long relationship that will change your life forever.

The same positive approach that help me discover the loving and wonderful relationship I'm currently having with my Succubus Nilahny,  and the same steps that helped thousands of my students all over the world discover their wonderful relationships with their Succubus/Incubus Lovers.

And these steps are offered right here on this web site.

How can YOU learn to Summon a Demon Lover?

The best place to start learning how to summon a demon lover is by signing up for the 7 free summoning a succubus incubus lessons below. They will guide you step by step through the beginning process of learning how to summon a sexual spirit.

Much Love,
Erik Vonroth

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