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The Succubus Stories Contest has come to its end and here are the most moving experiences that I have recieved

Our winners are Alex, Patrik and Tyler with their wonderful and very authentic succubus stories. There fellas are enthusiastic succubus summoners and will be receiving a free life time succusummon membership for being such good sports and sharing their wonderful succubus stories.

Story #1 - Alex

Okay, my story may not involve 52ft giant trees eating my house (poltergeist film) BUT it proves that slightest sub-conscious thought can be provocative.

It occured 5 years ago and I remember it to this day to the nearest pinprick. It was as black as night and cold to the bone. When I had just gone to bed on the night of my exam, I browsed through a series of websites and came across a story about ouijas that spoke out to me and connected with me.

The snake of naive in my head told me to try

and see what would happen if I thought up a séance. So in my mind I asked questions, foolishly anticipating an answer. Yet to my surprise, I would recieve a visit from something I would never forget...

The entire bedroom felt darker as I lay there, trembling. I tried to shrug the darkness as a trick of the mind. And that's when I noticed a gaunt black head at the window, staring at me. The worst was yet to come...

I looked away for a second, and the phantasm had vanished. In my head I said 'goodbye'. And to my astonishment, I saw a bright beam of light blast out into the sky like an ectoplasmic missile. It shot into the heavens for about two seconds before running out; the 'spirit' had clearly returned to its homeworld. With this thought in mind, I settled down under my warm covers and fell into a deep trance.

It just goes to show that mental communication can go a LONG way, but I was lucky - any mistakes and I could be sufferning nightmarish consequences.

Story #2: Patrik

When I was very young, around the Age of 13. I remember having an imaginary friend called "Lucy"  which would play with me whenever I would sit alone. As I grew, Lucy grew with me and when I hit puberty she would teach me things about my body I never knew were possible.

My parents didn't understand and would send me to pshycologists all over the state trying to figure out how to make me "Normal"

That didn't work, the connection between me and Lucy was just too strong.

When I was 16, Lucy said I should start dating regular woman and that she would help me. This lead to many wonderful experiences in which we would create amazing moments of love and sensuality.

This went on for years untill I met my wife. I fell in love and my relationship with lucy started to dissipate and I would see her less and less often.

One day she was just gone, she stopped appearing.

I think I have tried to get back that wonderful connection ever since.

Latley I have been having problems with my wife and have been feeling Lucy again. It is bringing up memories from the past I had long forgotten.

I stumbled upon this site while trying to get information on how I can contact Lucy again. I told my wife, but she didn't understand and said she thinks I'm going mad as the years pass.

I love my wife, but I am on a quest to find my lucy again.

That is my story.

Story #3 - Tyler

My story began between 2009-2010. Right here in New York. In a town called Rochester. I was 16 years old when a spirit entity known as a succubus visits me in the night.

When this entity first came to me, I had told my parents about the visitations. They didn't believe me. Told me it was my imagination. In the end I accepted her nightly visits. And the dreams that followed.

In the dreams I always dreamt of a woman with dark shoulder length hair. And we had sex. As the dreams progressed, so did the sex. And it moved from the dreams to reality. She was invisible of course. But I always felt her 'body' on top of me.

My relationship with her lasted on and off for over 19 years. Even when I was with some woman. Around late December 2010 it stopped all of the sudden. Then later that year my parents died. Recently I had read a book online about summoning spirits. So I purchased it, read it, and use a simple summoning ritual. And she returned. Since then we have been in a 'relationship.'

These have been the winning succubus stories. These are great people who have been touched by higher forces and wish to show others that it is perfectly normal and fun to practice these fields.

We here at Summoning a Succubus Salute you!

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  2. Hi Esther,
    Thank you so much
    It means allot to me

    Have been practicing the summoning methods?

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