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Summoning 10 – 1 Countdown Ritual

Hello dear SuccuSummonners I’ve decided to share a new process I’ve been working on, in the hopes that many of you that are a bit stuck will find it helpful. This process is for creating first contact and for advanced usage. What you do is as followed: Find 20 minutes to practice every evening or night Clear your mind using meditation or any other method you have been practicing. Lay down with your eyes closed on your...

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How to Have Sex With a Ghost

(The Materials on This Site Are Intended for Readers Above The Age of 18. If You Are Under The Age of 18 Please Leave The Site Immediately) How to Have Sex with a ghost Learning how to have sex with a ghost or as they are known in occult circles Succubi and Incubi can be a life changing experience. Many people today are waking up to the fact that there are much intelligent beings than humans. Some of these beings are sexually oriented and...

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The Importance of Breathing

I used to think that breathing had only to do with a biological need. But after many conversations with Nilahny revolving around the subject of Breath and its importance I have come to know many new things. Nilhany: “You breathe as the universe does and as your etheric body does – We all do – In and out.” Learning to meditate syncs you with the natural breath of the universe and that is where the magic happens. By...

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Summoning Sexual Ghosts